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Terms and Conditions

  1. Definition
    In these conditions JLC Interiors Limited Trading as JLC Interiors means the supplier “the customer” means the person purchasing goods and services from JLC Interiors Ltd under these conditions of Sale. Goods shall mean the furniture specified on quotation, drawing and order.
  2. Acceptance and Scope.
    (a) Unless varied in writing signed by an authorised officer of JLC Interiors Ltd and except to the extent that any non-excludible provision of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 otherwise provides. These conditions shall apply to all sales by JLC Interiors Ltd and form the basis of the contract between JLC Interiors Ltd and the Customer.
    (b) No order is binding on JLC Interiors Ltd until accepted by it and accordingly JLC Interiors Ltd reserves the right at any time to revoke any quotation or to refuse to accept any order.
  3. Price.
    (a) Prices and charges detailed in any quotation are subject to any variation in the prices charged by the manufacturers. The Customer shall pay or be allowed any increase or reduction in manufacturers price for goods to be ordered by JLC Interiors Ltd for the Customer where such variation occurs prior to acceptance of JLC Interiors Ltd Order to the manufacturer.
    (b) Where a quotation has not been given but merely an estimate the price is to be regarded as approximate only and JLC Interiors Ltd reserves the right to increase the eventual price to cover the cost of further labour and materials not included or additional costs of any such items which were included in such estimate.
    (c) Where appropriate Value Added Tax at the rate current at the time of supply of goods or services will be chargeable in addition to all quoted or estimate prices.
  4. Quotations.
    Not withstanding that a quotation may have been given, any order based upon quotation shall only be binding on JLC Interiors Ltd when accepted by it and JLC Interiors Ltd shall be under no obligation to accept.
  5. Terms of Payment.
    (a) Unless otherwise agreed a minimum of 25% of the total quoted or estimated price of all goods ordered shall be paid by way of advance payment to JLC Interiors Ltd upon acceptance by JLC Interiors Ltd of the order and the balance of price of such goods (adjusted if necessary and inclusive of Value Added Tax) shall be paid to JLC Interiors Ltd before delivery of such goods to the Customer’s premises, failure to pay prior to delivery could result in postponement of fitting.
    (b) The balance of all sums and Value Added Tax payable to JLC Interiors Ltd whether being for the cost of fitting or otherwise shall be paid forthwith on completion by JLC Interiors Ltd all work to be carried out under that order and if not paid within 7 days shall carry interest at the rate of 2.75% (this can be subject to change due to changes to the base rate set by the Bank of England) per month until payment.
    (c) Prior to delivery of goods by the Company the client will pay the sum of not less than 100% of the remaining balance, (full price less deposit paid is the remaining balance, this is excluding fitting costs) and the fitting costs are to be paid upon completion of the installation direct to the fitter.
    (d) The price of this order is valid for the products fitted within 90 days of the order date, after which it may be subject to review.
    (e) JLC Interiors is no longer able to accept cheques as a form of payment for any goods, preferred method of payment is Bank Transfer or card.
    (f) Interest will be charged at the rate of 2.75% (this can be subject to change due to changes to base rate set by Bank of England) per month or part thereof on any sum outstanding for more than 7 days following the delivery and installation of the goods, and any minor adjustment which may or may not be necessary thereafter shall not be considered sufficient reason for withholding payment of the whole or any part of the contract sum.
    (g) The Company hereby agrees that in the cases where the customer has applied for finance to fund this contract that the customer having used their best endeavours to obtain such finance from all available sources, and such finances are refused by all sources to whom the customer has applied, and the company on the customers behalf has made an application, this agreement will be null and void and all deposits paid by the customer shall be refunded in full providing the customer has informed the Company in writing of the failure to obtain such financial assistance.
    (h) Upon the signing (this is taken by the agreement and subsequent payment of a deposit) by the Customer (purchaser) and a duly authorised representative of the Company of the form of acceptance overleaf a binding contract will be created in respect of the order detail of which are given overleaf and such contract shall not be subject to cancellation by the Customer although the Company reserves the right to cancel any order by refunding all monies paid upon receipt of an unsatisfactory survey report from its surveyor or in the event of unsatisfactory credit references being obtained in respect of the Customer (purchaser). Without prejudice to its right to claim damages for breach of contract the Company may at its sole discretion in appropriate cases agree to the cancellation of any order by the customer upon the payment to the Company all expenses incurred by it prior to the date of cancellation.
    (i) The Customer’s deposit is non-refundable if the order is cancelled after the Company has ordered any item specifically relating to the customer’s order, such as seat, board, doors or headboard coverings, or has incurred some cost in preparing the order.
  6. Delivery.
    Time of delivery of goods or of carrying out any work is not to be of the essence of any contract. Any date for delivery given by JLC Interiors Ltd is the best estimate that can be made and JLC Interiors shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by delivery being made after any quoted date, nor for any consequential loss or damage arising from delay. Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing provisions, JLC Interiors Ltd shall be entitled to refuse to make delivery of any goods or to complete any work to be carried out by it during such times as there is due and outstanding to it under the provisions of this agreement any sum of money to be paid by the Customer.
  7. Title.
    (a) All goods shall remain the property of JLC Interiors Ltd until the full amount payable under this agreement (including any fitting charges) has been paid. Retention of the title by JLC Interiors Ltd shall not be grounds for the Customer to fail to complete the purchase.
    (b) If any goods have been delivered by JLC Interiors Ltd to the Customer notwithstanding failure by the Customer to pay sums due to JLC Interiors Ltd then on demand by JLC Interiors Ltd any goods so delivered for which payment has not been received in full shall be returned to JLC Interiors Ltd. The Customer hereby gives license to JLC Interiors Ltd and its Agents to enter any premises of the Customer for the purpose of removing any such goods in any event. JLC Interiors Ltd rights pursuant to this paragraph shall be without prejudice to any other remedy available to JLC Interiors Ltd by reason of any loss suffered by it as a result of default.
  8. Quality and Defects.
    (a) Goods and services supplied by JLC Interiors Ltd shall be of merchantable quality.
    (b) JLC Interiors Ltd shall not be responsible for any change in specification of Quality made by the manufacturers or other suppliers to JLC Interiors Ltd and beyond JLC Interiors Ltd control providing that nothing herein contained shall oblige the Customer to accept goods which are of a substantially different nature from those ordered.
    (c) Any damage to or faults or shortage in goods shall be noted on the drivers copy of the delivery note save for goods signed for as “unexamined”. In the event that goods are signed for “unexamined” then damage or fault must be reported to JLC Interiors Ltd in writing within three (3) days of delivery.
  9. Additional Work and Deviations.
    (a) If at any time after an order is placed JLC Interiors Ltd agrees to provide further goods and/or labour then such supply will be deemed to be a separate contract chargeable independently from the initial order which shall be paid for notwithstanding the non-completion of the subsequent order.
    (b) In the absence of prior agreement as to price any subsequent order shall be charged at prices current at the time when the work is envisaged by the subsequent order is carried out.
    (c) JLC Interiors Ltd installers have no authority to agree deviations of plans or designs or to undertake future work without prior authority of JLC Interiors Ltd.
    (d) The Customer shall be responsible for paying any addition in cost incurred by JLC Interiors Ltd or installers due to defects or lack of regularity in the fabric walls, floors or any other surfaces of the Customer’s premises which were not reasonably apparent at the time of any quotation. 
  10. Access and Damage to Property.
    The Customer agrees to provide unimpeded access for JLC Interiors Ltd employees and vehicles, its sub-contractors and carriers onto the Customer’s property for the purpose of delivering and installing goods and JLC Interiors Ltd shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the Customer’s property in the normal course of building and installation there or the entry thereon of any vehicles nor for any consequential loss arising there from unless such damage be caused by negligence of any servant of JLC Interiors Ltd.
  11. Disposal of Refuse.
    Unless otherwise agreed the Customer shall be responsible for the removal of any existing fitments required in order to fit goods supplied by JLC Interiors Ltd and for the disposal of all refuse including such existing fittings and equipment.
  12. Completion.
    (a) JLC Interiors Ltd will ensure that they complete the installation of goods within a reasonable time. It is an expressed condition however that time shall not be of any essence in respect of the completion of the installation of the goods by JLC Interiors Ltd.
    (b) The Customer agrees to give free access to JLC Interiors Ltd to carry out the installation of the goods and shall ensure that such necessary re-routing of electrical and plumbing installations are carried out at the Customer’s own expense in order that JLC Interiors Ltd can proceed to install the goods.
    (c) The Customer shall ensure that all plasterwork be dry and free from moisture, and that all necessary work from outside subcontractors shall be complete. JLC Interiors Ltd reserves the right to charge the Customer where costs have been incurred.
    (d) If the Customer does not give access to JLC Interiors Ltd within 14 days of the client notified in writing that the goods are manufactured and ready for installation then the Customer in such circumstances shall be liable to pay JLC Interiors Ltd the balance of the contract sum within 7 days after the said 14 day period has elapsed.
  13. Damage.
    JLC Interiors Ltd will ensure that all necessary action is taken to avoid damage to the goods when installing the same shall ensure that the installation is fitted in accordance with the specification outlined in the drawing. JLC Interiors Ltd does not recommend furniture is fitted on top of carpet and as such JLC Interiors Ltd will not be responsible for any non-alignment of the installation by reason of the installation being fitted on carpet at the Customer’s request. 
  14. Materials.
    (a) In the event that any installation requires a panel to be greater in length than 2500mm JLC Interiors Ltd reserves the right to make a joint in the panel making good the same and in such circumstance the Customer shall raise no complaint thereon.
    (b) Only items which are included on the contract will be supplied. Customers should not assume items such as mirrors, shelves, racks, stools etc will be supplied unless they are included in the contract.
  15. Alterations.
    (a) If the Customer wishes to make any alterations or additions to the design or specifications, then the Customer must inform JLC Interiors Ltd in writing at least 14 days before the due fitting date. The cost of any alteration or additions out of this timescale will have to be borne fully by the Customer.
    (b) All telephone communications in connection to this order must be confirmed in writing or e-mail within 14 days of the telephone call.
  16. Room Preparation.
    All rooms must be completely cleared before installation can commence. Furniture, Beds, Carpets are all to be removed by the Customer in advance of the installation. JLC Interiors Ltd and its sub-contractors shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the Customers property where the said agreement has not been adhered to.  JLC Interiors Ltd and its sub contractors will not take up or refit carpet and this is the responsibility of the customer.